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Journeys with The Carpenters Daughter

May 22, 2016

Journeys with The Carpenters Daughter

Hello Gorjis

I am leaving on a jet plane at the end of this month. I will be away for a month visiting Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall and finishing in London. 

Got any tips or suggestions for places that I must visit? 

How is a fashion person supposed to pack? I’m going to put a lot of thought as I want to travel light. This trip is to attend a wedding, and to feel the culture of the Scottish as it is part of my Mothers heritage. The best thing is I am doing it with my Sister Kiri.

I know that I will bring home fabric preferably the tartan my ancestors wore. I will be inspired and can’t wait to see different unusual things. I have decided to wear my BLACK lace Marilyn Dress, a feather in my hair and a top hat or something similar to the wedding.

I am feeling the Maori side of me wanting to portray the colonialism of the Scottish/English ancestry. A Moko would really finish it, but that I am deciding on. 

I am learning about my Maoridom, finally starting to embrace my own culture. I am at night school at Unitec learning Te Reo. I am really interested in the History and Culture first.

A lot of insight has been happening to me. Since I broke my arm a year ago I have realised what and who I am about.

Finally it is getting cold and we are ready to help make the wardrobe WORK! I have been making your favourite pieces that you have to have. The Thumbelina is in, replace the old one from years ago, I have. My thumb area wore out. The Yazzy Tunic, lovely big over piece with a wide hem and spaghetti straps. 
You know how to wear this, over your La Bella’s and Thumbelina’s. Great for summer and winter layering.

Finally … business will happen as per usual. While I'm away I have Tina and Malaika working in the Pt Chevalier store for me. These girls you know. These girls know how to style you up. The Auckland Winter Rack Sale has been cancelled due to weather conditions.

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