Cross Roads - An Anecdote by Caroline Marr

Cross Roads - An Anecdote by Caroline Marr

Cross Roads

‘a point at which a crucial decision must be made which will have far-reaching consequences.’

We said yes to filling a space for The America's Cup race. We didn't know how it would pan out, but were excited for the possibilities. We shifted our whole workroom down. Everything from our pattern cutting table and industrial sewing machine, to our photographic studio with our big bright lights and background. We allowed everyone to see us work. We became transparent to a new culture of people. Scary but exciting, full of opportunity. 

Now we have come to the end of our time at Wynyard Quarter. Situated where the roads all meet. The boat race is finished and we are the champions, again. 

Our time there was invaluable, we met new clients, we met very important people, we met ladies who live on their boats, we met movers and shakers of our world. 




The commuting each day into the city I enjoyed, watching the people walk to work, sit in the cafes, school children getting to school, traffic… managing to not be impatient, to sit and contemplate the day ahead or gone by… oh yes the commuting I will miss. 

Coming home each day, unpacking my work bag and prepping for the next day. Realisation that the city keeps on turning over. Regardless if I am in it or not. 

My experience at the Cross Roads in business has been an interesting time. 

It is where I have built the TCD brand. 25 years on Mt Albert Road in Three Kings. This time it was only 10 weeks. 

We made new friends with young designers, we enjoyed the eateries , we watched the races. 

We said yes to filling a space, we are pleased we have done it. We learnt that, we love our job, we like being in a team situation, we work well apart and together. 

Who knows what will happen when we say “yes’ to opportunity. To put ourselves where others will look and see us, to put the brand in front of people. 

To show the world that NZ made for plus sizes need not be just BLACK. 

To be on trend, to be vibrant, to be more than enough. We have always tried to normalise what we do, still a wee way to go yet. 

What I know is that many changes occur in business and have so within my industry. What has made continuous growth is my open mindedness to seize new opportunities and ways of thinking with my team. We are only 3, it is not one person it is, team together. 

And together we are winners…….

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