Why New Zealand Made?

The Carpenters Daughter has a 30 year long legacy of supporting New Zealand manufacturing and making clothing.

Through purchasing New Zealand made fashion you are helping to support not only our team of 3, but every person and their families involved in the Design – Cut – Make – Trim process. This is everyone from our fabric suppliers, cutters, machinists, pressers, patternmakers and graders to our sample machinists. By purchasing New Zealand made you are helping to invest in your local economy, boost jobs and job opportunities for people in our shrinking fashion industry, and ensure the industry doesn’t completely move offshore.

We subscribe to a slower fashion model than offshore brands, which allows us to make styles with a 4-6 week lead time and in smaller quantities. This means we only make what we need which keeps us exclusive, and helps prevent overproduction and waste, which fast fashion has now become synonymous with. And it also means we can quickly re-make styles you are LOVING for on-demand production.

If you’re wondering why clothes from overseas brands are so cheap, it is because the garment workers and factories aren’t being paid fairly for the work done. Brands try and scrimp and save at every point of the make process which in turn shrinks wages and boosts profits. Their customers aren’t paying for that $15 T-shirt, the overseas makers are with their extremely low wages.
We encourage you to shop small and local wherever you can and vote with your dollar, thanks for supporting New Zealand made.