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Comparing & Contrasting Some of Your Favourite TCD Pieces

A guide to choosing the perfect TCD piece for YOU!

After a few questions from our Gojis Girls we recently posted about the difference between two of our popular winter dresses - The A-Line and Thumbelina… That video was so well received that we’ve decided to do a series comparing and contrasting some core TCD pieces so that you can shop with more confidence! We have photos, charts, videos and written descriptions below... so you can pay attention to whichever medium you prefer. Let us know below if you have any more questions; OR if there are any styles you want compared or are looking forward to hearing more about! 



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Please note: This journal post is just a guide. Fabrics, details & measurements may differ over time. Please check the details in each shop listing for specifics, and if there is anything you want to double check, please contact us by email, phone or social media -  We understand that we might have missed some details, but, luckily for you, we absolutely looove to help our customers on an individual basis to suit differing needs and to improve our offerings. 


A-Line & Thumbelina… 

Get ready for the cooler seasons with our Long Sleeve Stretch Dresses.

A-Line Dress and Thumbelina Comparison

The A-Line dress falls from the bust, swishing around your waist and hips. This style is very easy to move in, has long sleeves, a V-neck, and inseam pockets. Sewn in a soft cotton rib knit, this is a fabulous transeasonal piece that is a bit heavier in weight than the Thumbelina.

The Thumbelina is a figure hugging column dress, with extra long sleeves that have holes for your thumbs (or pinky fingers). Often made in Merino this is an excellent piece for staying warm and layering, despite being nice and light and folding up quite small to pack for a holiday.


Petticoat & Burbs Dress…

Two of our sleeveless dresses that are superstars for the seasons, perfect for wearing alone or layering...
Petticoat and Burbs Dress Comparison
The Petticoat is our true transeasonal queen with the height of the ruffle sitting just right to layer with so many of our tops. The  ruffle sits below the bum and helps to draw the eye upwards to make us look taller. 

The Burbs Dress is a more straight-through option with an oversized ruffle hem, which helps to weigh it down so it doesn't cling to tums or bums, while also making us look taller. 


Persephone Duster & Ravish Cardigan… 

A couple of our gorjis lightweight layers that are so easy to pop on without getting too warm.

Persephone Duster and Ravish Cardigan Comparison

The Persephone Duster offers effortless sophistication with its loose-fit, pockets, ruffle hem, and long sleeves. Persephone is the perfect accessory for the fashionable gal on the go.

The Ravish Cardigan lets you get down to the business of life without restriction, and the 3/4 sleeves give arm cover without making us too hot. The gathered detail at the back and the shape of the hemline give you room to move and shake.


Curve Tee & Evie Tee… 

Two of our Essential Short Sleeve T-Shirts. 

Curve Tee and Evie Tee Comparison

The Curve Tee has a rounded front and back hem. This Curve is shorter than the Evie, with the front hem sitting at the crotch, and back hem a few cm longer. The sleeves sit at the elbows.

The Evie Tee has ¾ sleeves, a straight front hem and rounded back hem, and is designed to sit below the crotch. Both Tees are a-line in shape. If you’re looking for a more fitted top with longer sleeves - try the Simply Tee.


Suzie & Sadie Pants… 

TCD Wide Leg Pants

Suzie Pants are sewn in stretch fabrics, while Sadie Pants are sewn in non-stretch woven fabrics and often have a deeper hem to allow for lengthening.

Both styles have a comfortable elasticated waistband and flow beautifully - perfect for many occasions!

The lengths can vary quite a bit in different fabrics, so see the individual listings or ask us for more information (which we can then also add to the listings).




We are still busy creating a couple of these... in the meantime each product listing has a video showcasing the individual garments! 

A-Line Dress & Thumbelina

Persephone & Ravish


Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to let us know what you want to see more of!

Caroline, Dihlia and Sophie

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