Destination - Cape Reinga

I bought a NEW work vehicle and decided to take it for a Roadie. It was about time! The Man, myself and RosyG all fitted nicely into the vehicle. Cape Reinga was the destination with unique places in between Waipu, Waitangi, Cooper's Beach, Ahipara, Matai Bay, Mitimiti, Pungaruru and Waipoua Forest to mention a few.



So we stopped in Kawakawa to visit the Hundertwasser toilets there and to walk around and take some lovely photos. Then off to Waitangi to walk and read up on our history. What an amazing piece of land there. We stayed at Coopers Beach in San Marino, right on the waterfront and pet-friendly.

We drove down the beach for miles on 90-mile Beach, to Ahipara missing Kaitia completely. Then up to Matai Bay for the sunset. Doubtless Bay is amazing.


The next day was our third full day on the road, We were heading to where Dame Whina Cooper lived Pungaruru which is on the way to Mitimiti.

My friend is buried at Mitimiti and it is 10 years since I have been, very moving very special place to be with the loves in my life.   
Loved the roadie and the drive, recommend that you take some days out to discover our beautiful country, it is clean and very beautiful. 
I drove down 90 Mile Beach, and saw the two oceans meet at the tip of New Zealand. The Tasman and the Pacific. 
Extra photos 


    I loved the colour of this car...Isn't it cute? Such a vibrant colour for a car. 
A little video snippet of my journey...

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